They Couldn't Save Her Life, But These Cops Fulfilled A Mom's Dying Wish In The Most Amazing Way

"I think it was definitely a dream come true."

Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department helped a terminally ill woman fulfill her last wish: to celebrate her daughter's quinceañera, an important ceremony on a girl's 15th birthday that marks her passage to womanhood. 

Beatriz Delgado has brain cancer and doctors had told her she wouldn't live past March. But Delgado has been fighting to stay alive, at least until her daughter Jazmine's birthday in November. 

After happening upon Delgado and her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, in July, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department decided to celebrate Jazmine's birthday early. 


With support from local businesses and organizations, the LAPD officers threw a quinceañera for Jazmine.

In the spirit of a community rallying around a cause, the local clothing store provided Jazmine a pink gown and shoes, a bakery provided her birthday cake and the entire celebration was catered at no cost to the Delgados. 

"This was the first time we've ever done anything like this," Sgt. Mike Flanagan told "It moved the officers so much that they felt really passionate about helping Jazmine and her mother."

"Every business that donated something really moved the family," Sgt. Janet Kim of LAPD's Central Area Gang Division said. "Jazmine kept telling me, 'I need someone to pinch me; I feel like I'm dreaming.' "

Some officers danced with her.

One even serenaded Jazmine with mariachi music.

But Jazmine's most treasured moment that night was the dance with her mom, 'People' reported.

As they twirled around on the dance floor, the two women tearfully cherished the moment that Delgado didn't expect to have. "I could tell [Delgado] was experiencing a little pain, but her smile was from ear to ear," Kim told the magazine. "I think it was definitely a dream come true."



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