This Dining Etiquette Infographic Will Teach You The Table Manners In Different Countries

In some cultures, farting after a meal is a gesture of appreciation.

Whether you're the kind of person who goes all out on a luxury vacation or prefers to backpack and hitchhike your way through a continent, one thing's for sure — you'll want to try the finest local cuisines each place has to offer. 

The food will be different, but so should your behavior at the dining table. Dining etiquette around the world varies, and one wrong move could be highly offensive to the local culture.

Sure, some people may be more forgiving to a foreigner, but trust us — you'll make a much better impression if you already know the local do's and dont's at the dining table. Thanks to the folks over at Langsford, this handy guide will help you figure out table manners from these places around the world. 


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