Woman Searches For Boy Who Left Her $5 And A Heartbreaking Note

Lakewood resident Chrissy Marie took to Facebook to find him.

A Washington woman wants the boy who took her wind chimes and left a heartbreaking note and a $5  bill to come and get his money back. 

Lakewood resident Chrissy Marie took to Facebook and appeared on Q13 Fox News after she found a note left in place of her butterfly-themed wind chimes.

The note, shown below, was reportedly signed by a grieving boy whose sister took the chimes as a way of remembering their deceased mother.


"I wanted to cry," Marie told Q13 News. "I lost my mom at a young age, so I know how hard that is."

Now she just wants Jake to come get his money back... and to take another set of wind chimes so that he and sister can both have one.

If you have any idea who Jake might be, please get in touch with Chrissy Marie.

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