Amazing New Water Sport Looks Like It's From 'Back To The Future'

This is trippy.

Laird Hamilton is commonly considered one of the world's greatest water athletes, and this video serves as evidence that he is.

The self-described "waterman" is a surfer, entrepreneur, adventurer and an all-around amazing athlete. Not only is he a master on a surfboard, but he's an "international fitness icon and nutrition expert," according to his website.

Well, that "icon" is now making waves for his skills on one amazing contraption: the foilboard


Uniquely designed to elevate a surfboard above the water at different speeds, the foilboard has a mesmerizing appearance when seen in action:

After being towed into waves, the foilboard is designed to harness energy, and keep the ride lasting far longer than it would on your typical surfboard. 

While Hamilton didn't invent this amazing board, he's been working to perfect its use. Check out the video to see:

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