A Father-And-Son Selfie Reveals The Warm Side Of Policing That You Don't Normally See

Like father, like son.

The Facebook photo of a Mississippi father-and-son cop duo is serving as a viral reminder than our heroes in blue are human and have loved ones, too.

Lafayette Martin Jr., who works in investigations for the Hinds County Sheriff's Office, was driving on Tuesday when he spotted his father, Jackson police officer Lafayette Martin Sr., conducting a traffic stop on the side of the road. He decided to pull over to make sure that his dad was safe.

"So I said, 'Hey, let me give my father a little backup,' " Martin Jr. told local station WDAM-TV.

He was partially inspired to ensure his father's safety because of the recent fatal shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, La.

"Those attacks on police, I think they are senseless," Martin Jr. told Jackson station WJTV. "People are just reacting out of anger. I don't believe that any law enforcement officers [are] out to harm anyone and I just wish you would stop."

After the traffic stop, they chatted for a few minutes and the son snapped a photo of them for Facebook.


As of Thursday, Martin's incredible photo received more than 7,000 shares on Facebook and gained instant social media praise.

"I guess when he posted it I didn't think anything of it," Martin Sr. said. "I just thought it was another picture and kept it moving. Later on that evening, my phone was on vibrate and it was buzzing."

Martin Jr. told A Plus that he thanks everyone who supports law enforcement officers and that all of the comments have been positive.

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