8 Ways Lady Gaga Inspires Us To Love More And Hate Less

Lady Gaga is a positive role model to millions of fans around the world. Here are 8 things she's said that inspire love & acceptance.

1. Be Yourself


Be Yourself

Life is too short to waste your time being anybody else. Who cares what the haters say? Follow your heart and live the life that is right for you.

4. Overcome Hate With Love

Overcome Hate With Love

Be a light in a dark world, spread love and tolerance despite the small-minded people who want to spread judgement and hate. The light overcomes the darkness.

7. Focus On Joy

Focus On Joy

It's hard for the haters to bring you down when you are creating from pure joy as Gaga puts it. Just because offense is offered by others, doesn't mean we need to accept it.

10. Foster Equality

Foster Equality

What goes on in the bedroom between two consenting adults (or more) isn't anyone's business but those involved. Let's stop judging people and instead focus on acceptance.

13. Define Your Own Beauty

Define Your Own Beauty

Beauty is subjective. Don't let someone else define what it is to you, or your own.

16. Go After Your Dreams

You won't be happy unless you are living for your own self and pursuing your own ambitions.

19. You Define You

https://38.media.tumblr.com/b9fdd49b5c5ccd6207fcc5f50b47b516/tumblr_nc1cjbSLbe1tnhw8bo1_500.gifn Life

Your past and other people do not define who you are, only you define who you are.

22. We Are One

Gaga wants to erase the judgmental boundaries and promote love and unity.

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