She Makes Clothes To Help Women Veterans, But You'll Want To Wear Them Too

'Any girl can wear heels, but it takes a WOMAN to wear combat boots.'

'Even just going to a doctor's appointment, they always assumed I was somebody's wife or that I worked there instead of being a veteran,' says Nadine Noky.

Noky, a 29-year-old woman from Venice, Fla., spent five years serving as a radar technician in the military, two of them in Iraq. Noky's deployment began in 2005, only four months after she gave birth to her son, Sean. 

As of last year, it's been estimated that women make up to 15.7 percent of the U.S. Army, which is the largest portion in history. Despite the shift, Noky believes the image of a veteran people have in their minds remained unchanged.

'People have an idea of what a veteran looks like: a guy coming from Iraq or Afghanistan, a WWII Vet. They don’t think of women,' she told BuzzFeed.

Having to constantly deal with society's ignorance towards servicewomen made Noky think: is there an easy way to let people know she's a vet?

The answer was there all along — wear it on your sleeve.

Nadine started her own company called Lady Brigade, which makes clothing and accessories for women veterans who want to show their military pride.

After coming back from Iraq, Noky applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she studied graphic design and advertising.

The knowledge she gained from her bachelor's degree helped Noky develop her own business, where she designs, prints, packages and mails the clothing all by herself.

Noky says she wanted to stay away from the usual veteran symbolism: 'I didn’t want any eagles, I didn't want stars. I wanted to make shirts women will actually want to wear,' she told BuzzFeed.

It took Noky about four months to get everything in place, but after she did, the response she got from the female veteran community was overwhelming.

She hopes her designs will not only serve a fashionable purpose, but also encourage a deeper conversation about women in the military.


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