Watch 'La La Land' Get An 8-Bit Video Game Makeover In This Perfect Parody

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling still have moves.

Filmgoers fell in love with Damien Chazelle's La La Land in theaters and it's already done an impressive job cleaning up during awards season. The film has 14 nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards, matching only 1997's film Titanic and the 1950s movie All About Eve. 

Naturallythe team at CineFix, Mashable's YouTube channel dedicated to "true movie buffs and filmmakers," thought it deserved the 8-Bit Cinema treatment. In the 8-Bit Cinema series, the CineFix team reimagines TV shows and films into short video game-style videos. 

Unfortunately, the video game version of Chazelle's Oscar-nominated film isn't interactive, but it does perfectly sum up the film in a series of decisions using humor. Each of the four seasons in the actual movie becomes a level in CineFix's version, and the player guides Emma Stone's character Mia and Ryan Gosling's character Sebastian through each one. The decisions stay true to the real film, but helps to sum it up hilariously in less than three minutes. And if the old-school graphics weren't enough, the CineFix team also included a perfectly retro soundtrack. 

If you've seen the actual film, you'll notice how perfectly CineFix adapted it to an 8-bit hit. And if you haven't seen it yet, this gives you a chance to get the gist before the Oscars on Sunday. 

You can watch Seb and Mia's 8-bit romance unfold in the video below: 


(H/T: DesignTaxi)

Cover image:  Helga Esteb / | CineFix  


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