Dad Interviews His Toddler With Some Pressing Questions, And She Has A Lot To Say

"Why do you choose to not contribute financially to the family?"


Artist and musician La Guardia Cross has been chronicling his experience raising a child for the past year, and now that his baby Amalah is 14 months old, he has some pressing questions for her. 

In a YouTube video, he interviews his toddler about some simple, and not-so-simple topics: "What animal makes this sound [quack quack]? What are these [flowers]? What is the signal recording of playback media developed by Sony and introduced in 1987?"  

Amalah has some pretty great answers to all her dad's questions, but perhaps our favorite answer was to this questions:

"Why do you refuse to sleep through the night?"

While dad might be putting words in her mouth, this baby still seems to know exactly what's up. 


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