Awesome Guy Stays Up Every Night To Check Diabetic Fiancee's Blood Sugar

Everyone needs this kind of tenderness in their relationship.

Look in the dictionary for the definition of "devoted" and you might just find a picture of Pensacola, Fla.'s Kylle Cota. 

That's because Mr. Cota has been making waves across the Internet after posting a short video on Facebook that shows his nightly routine: staying up until 4 a.m. every morning to check the blood sugar levels of his girlfriend, Kortney Reid, who has diabetes.


The video, which was posted on December 26 last year, has gotten more than a million views.

It's a sweet way of remembering that there are plenty of ways — big and small — to show our love and devotion for someone that aren't necessarily "romantic." In a relationship, the little things are what will hold you together. Kylle and Kortney are off to a pretty great start.



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