When King Kylie Wears Something On Social Media, The World Takes Notice

All hail the king.

When Kylie Jenner, ahem, King Kylie, does something on Instagram, the world stops.


We're not talking about any "regular-degular" here. Her looks are always on something else and often become a trending topic. 

Just ask the million people who like every single one of her Instagram photos, all those brave souls who wanted her lips and everyone who needs to know the color of her hair, like right this very moment. Even new isn't new enough for this Queen of the 'gram.

We also can't forget how her new beauty app just beat out Snapchat and Facebook to rule the iTunes app chart.

Yep, it sure is the good life for Kylie.

Due to her popularity, selling out items like herbal teas, eye lashes and dresses is just a matter of hitting a publish button for Kim K's sister.

One dress in particular got the attention of Cosmo and style writer .

When she wore this flannel t-shirt dress, it took off like hot cakes.

It racked up 1.3 million likes and a whopping 175,000 comments. That's a lot of chatter.

For the company, Houghton, who designed the dress, Kylie's Instagram photo in the outfit set off an immediate frenzy.

Designer Katherine Polk told Cosmo that, "Every time one of the big Kylie fan sites or Instagram accounts would post the pic of her and tag our brand, we would sell a dress."

As Manning pointed out, that dress sold out within a week after Kylie posted herself in it. Even though the New York based company, Houghton, has been featured in magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, they never had direct sales like that in their 3.5 year existence. 

In actuality, the designers made a cheaper version of the $1,475 outfit Kylie wore. Check out the full story to see how they intelligently created a similar version so Kylie's fans could afford the dress at a more reasonable price point.

But Kylie is more than her own fashion magazine on Instagram. She also helps bring awareness to inspiring people like Lizzie Velasquez.

Keep on changing the world Kylie! We surely need it.


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