This Dad Pulled The Groom Away In The Middle Of His Wedding Dance For This

The ending is pretty beautiful.

Illinois newlywed Kyle Kuchenbecker wasn't exactly known for his skills on the dance floor. But with a little love and support — and three months of practice with a choreographer — his wife Nicole managed to coax him to take the stage at their March wedding.

She told The Huffington Post that his performance surprised everyone, even his parents.

"Kyle said he wanted to do this dance because of how much he loves me, and knew it would mean a lot to me. Little did he know how much fun he would have," she said.


But Kyle's performance wasn't the only surprise to be had that night.

Mid-dance, Nicole's irritated-looking dad strode up to Kyle, and pulled him off the dance floor. The wedding guests seemed stunned — but the couple had one more trick up their sleeve.

Watch the video below for the big, heartwarming reveal.

Three cheers for Nicole and her two talented dance partners. They went above and beyond to make her big day special.


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