Kristen Wiig Joins Jimmy Fallon For Some 'Mad Lib Theater,' And It's Just What The Doctor Ordered

We can't stop laughing.

Chris Pratt, Dakota Johnson, and Benedict Cumberbatch are among the celebrities who've joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of "Mad Lib Theater" on The Tonight Show. Now, Despicable Me 3 star Kristen Wiig joins Fallon to perform a dramatic scene with a script Wiig's edited using random verbs, adjectives, and nouns. 

For example, Fallon asks Wiig to name a type of fish, an adjective, and "What you would shout if you saw a ghost?" Wiig replies: mackerel, swirling, and "Get out, you!" respectively. 

The duo continues until the script is complete and then they perform it for the show's audience. The scene, set in a medical center, shows what happens when Wiig, a doctor, diagnoses Fallon with a rare condition, and prescribes him a medication with a slew of random side effects. 

Of course, Fallon and Wiig can't stop laughing throughout the scene, and neither can we. You can check it all out below:


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