Jimmy Fallon Can't Keep It Together While Playing The 'Whisper Challenge' With Kristen Stewart

"Call the fruit back."


Kristen Stewart stopped by the Tonight Show to talk with host Jimmy Fallon about being the very first American actress to win at the French César award show. If you've never heard of it, it's basically France's version of winning an Oscar. Fallon took the opportunity to play a fan favorite game with the accomplished actress: the Whisper Challenge. 

The game is pretty simple. One person wears headphones with loud music playing while the other person picks up a card and reads whatever random phrase is written on it. The person wearing headphones has to try to read the other's lips and correctly guess what's being said. 

To our delight, Stewart is hilariously bad at reading Fallon's lips. The first card says, "Say hello to my little friend."

"Close the door to the roof?" she guesses. Then she tries, "Tell those motherf*ckers..." and Fallon quickly cuts her off. The closest she gets is "Take my bathroom to the friend."

Fallon's next card says "Kung Fu Panda," but Stewart is pretty sure he's saying "Call the fruit back." 

Stewart says she hates to lose, but we find her bad lip reading hilarious. Sometimes being bad at something is much more entertaining than being good at it. 

 (H/T: Elle


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