Kristen Stewart And Jimmy Fallon Put The Twist In Twister By Adding Jell-O Shots

It's tipsy in more ways than one.

We all know Jimmy Fallon loves his games, but he's never one to play the expected way. He adds water to War and giant hands to blackjack. So obviously when he challenged his Tonight Show guest Kristen Stewart to a game of Twister, he didn't intend to play it in the traditional way. 

To make getting into all those awkward positions even more precarious, he added Jell-O shots, and things got tipsy.

The game works just like it usually would, except this time whenever a player puts their hand or foot on a circle, they have to down a corresponding shot. If you're searching for new drinking game ideas for your next summer party, look no further.

Both Kristen and Jimmy prepare by tying their jackets around their waists, although most people would probably agree that Kristen's way looks a bit more stylish.


The real challenge of the game comes in figuring out how to drink their designated shots while keeping their balance on the game board. At one point, announcer Steve Higgins actually has to feed them.

In the end, Jimmy can't quite make it to the final move and topples over, handing Kristen the victory. She's pretty happy about it.

Witness all the twisted fun in the video below:

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