These 19 Heels Take High Fashion To New Heights

Obsessed with No. 18.

Slip on the right pair of shoes and you can walk with an air of confidence you never knew you had. 

If you've been searching for the right one pair, you might be about to find them. Kobi Levi's footwear designs are like nothing you've ever seen before. His striking designs are truly art for your feet. 

From microphones to spilt coffee, each and every shoe definitely makes a statement. Prices range from $800 to $3,080. While you may not have the disposable income to purchase these beauties, they're definitely interesting to look at. 

Here are some of our favorites: 


1. "Miao"

2. "Banana"

3. "Flamingo"

4. "Blow"

5. "Chewing Gum"

6. "Harp Brown"

7. "Mother & Daughter"

8. "Blond Ambition"

9. "Coffee – Porcelain"

10. "Chinese 2015"

11. "Stewardess"

12. "Baseball Cap"

13. "Rooster Black"

14. "Bicycle"

15. "Heart"

16. "Slide"

17. "Sing"

18. "Write"

19. "Mallard Duck"

(H/T: Imgur User SapreTarTarTripeUfalaOopAGoop

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