Kobe Bryant Has A Very Gross Sweating Problem And He Needs Some Assistance

"Here's a jar of my sweat ... just the first quarter."

Kobe Bryant is fresh into his retirement and has some newfound time on his hands.


Don't worry, though, he's spending his days having a lot of fun.

Recently he appeared on The Ellen Show, his first appearance post-retirement, and decided to play a little joke on an unsuspecting aesthetician.

Along with Ellen's help, Kobe went into full depth about his ongoing sweat problem. Not only does he sweat a lot, he also faced bullying from his teammates, who called him names such as "Sweat Midler" and "Sir Sweats A Lot."

We feel really bad for the aesthetician, but at least she got to be on "The Ellen Show." Watch below:

You can watch his actual interview on "Ellen" below as well:

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