Parents Everywhere Are Demanding Better Access To Clean, Safe Changing Stations For Their Babies

So important!

Too many parents know the horror of needing to change a baby's diaper in a public space, only to find there's nowhere to do it. 

Many restaurants, even those that bill themselves as being family-friendly, don't have diaper changing stations in the male or female restrooms. Or, if they are there, they aren't always something you'd actually want to place your baby on. Dads in particular have a rough time finding a place to care for their child's bathroom needs.

Koala Kare, one of the leading names in commercial changing stations, has started a campaign to increase access to clean, safe spaces to change baby diapers.

Parents who are tired of struggling to find changing tables for their children are urged to use #ParentsForChangingTables in social media to shed a light on this important cause.

This infographic explains how the simple act of making sure all bathrooms in family-friendly spaces include a changing station is really best not just for families, but for the businesses as well.


[H/T: Koala Kare]

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