Watch These Latin Women Swing Their Hips In Mesmerizing 'Kizomba' Dance

Their hips don't lie.

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You may have heard of salsa, merengue or even the bachata, but have you ever heard of kizomba?

According to Kizomba NYC, it's an Angola dance popular within Latin communities, or as Latina put it: "The latest way to make men drool." Instead of the fast-moving dances known in Latin cultures, such as the ones mentioned above, kizomba's hip-swinging moves are slow and sensual. 

As dance instructor Jorge Elizondo told OZY, "It's not meant to be performed. It's not about tricks or turns. It's about the one-to-one connection with your dance partner."

In case you're still confused, dancers from Kizomba Woman in Mexico staged a kizomba flash mob last month at Fusion Salsafest, featuring the dance and it's sure to clear up any questions you may have.

First, they start out with a swift turn.

Then they roll their hips in a way that would give Shakira a run for her money.

And then...

Seriously, can't. look. away.

Check out the video below:


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