15 Awkward Kiss Cam Moments That You Won't Forget Because They Were Funny

Pucker up.

You're sitting at a sporting event with your significant other when all of a sudden you look up and you're on the kiss cam. What do you do — do you kiss your significant other or do you run away? We've all seen funny kiss cam moments before, but these 15 are epic.

Here are 15 kiss cam moments that are so unique that you'll watch them again:


1. This was not expected.

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2. She's disappointed.

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3. Be careful with your beer.

4. Is he for real?

Kisscam, Canada version

5. They look so thrilled.

6. Kiss the mascot.

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7. This guy kinda deserves this.

Kiss cam

8. Love your teammates.

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9. Matthew Perry?

My favorite kiss cam

10. They really don't want to be on camera.

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11. Sure, why not?

Happy Monday-Cheerleader Kiss Cam

12. This mascot teaches the boyfriend a lesson he'll never forget.

The best Kiss Cam I've ever seen

13. That's not how this works.

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14. Not the best person to put on kiss cam.

Kiss cam doesn't understand

15. How romantic ... almost.

Kiss Cam Fail

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