Couple Gets Hilariously Uncomfortable When The Kiss Cam Puts Them On Display

Talk about awkward.

When you're fresh into a relationship, there's one question that can't be avoided no matter how hard you try — and it's not about your favorite pizza toppings. 

It's public displays of affection, more commonly known as PDAs.

Because while some people are all about shouting their love from the rooftops and kissing in the rain, others like to it more low-key and there are those who consider it to be completely taboo. So you kind of need to know your partner's stance on it because otherwise things could get pretty awkward.

Like it did for this couple at a San Antonio vs. Utah Jazz game.


Check out their hilariously awkward moment below:

The two lovebirds, later identified as first-grade teacher Kristin Hinojosa and golf coach Kyle Collins, were caught on camera during the pregame.

"We were just sitting there and then they put the camera on us. We're both super shy people, which is why we reacted the way we reacted," Hinojosa told SB Nation.

She said her immediate thought was about her students — being a teacher, Kristin just didn't want to look inappropriate in front of the kids. That explains the quite painful-looking dodge seen in the middle of the footage.

After the video was posted on the San Antonio Spurs' Facebook page and garnered some negative comments, Kristin's mother wrote a powerful message to all the haters:

"I am very proud of my daughter. She is beautiful, intelligent and has a lot of class. Her boyfriend (not cousin) is very aware of these wonderful traits. This was a very cute, funny video and I'm sure that is why the Spurs shared this. So people take it easy on your comments. Go Spurs Go!!!!" Kelley Hinojosa said in her comment.

Tell 'em, mom!


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