Kindergarteners Who Read 1 Million Words In A Year Go To A 'Millionaire Bash' At This School

A fitting reward for all-star readers.

This school figured out a creative way to get young students to read more — and their efforts are making headlines. Kindergarteners at Britt David Magnet Academy in Columbus, Georgia who read one million words in one year are celebrated with VIP treatment at a party they call the "Millionaire Bash." 

Kindergartners at the school are asked to read books from their library and take tests of them. When they pass a test on a particular book, the amount of words in the book is added to each child's total. Once they reach one million words, they're invited to go to the Millionaire Bash.

At the party, the kids get all dressed up, roll up in a limousine, and get to walk a Red Carpet. Each child is announced as he or she walks in the room as parents and teachers cheer them on like they're celebrities. Then, they get to enjoy the party in-between signing autographs for their "fans." 


Six-year-old Breyden Suragh's uncle, Maurice Burton, posted photos of his nephew's experience at the Millionaire Bash on Twitter, where they went viral. The tweet has been retweeted more than 10,000 times and favorited more than 22,000. 

People on Twitter loved the creative idea to encourage reading and congratulated Breyden on his efforts and awesome outfit. 

Let us remind you that reading one million words is no small feat. As Yahoo points out, reading all seven books of the Harry Potter series would be 1,084,170 words

Breyden's mom, Denetta Suragh, told BuzzFeed she's proud of her son's hard work. "When he first started kindergarten, he wasn't a great reader, but because of the program that they did to encourage him to read more, he's almost on a second-grade level of reading," she said. "His little brother is looking up to him, so that's something he wants to do [too.]" 

One in four American children grow up without learning to read and 93 million Americans have basic or below-basic literacy. Those are disheartening statistics considering how fundamental reading skills are for learning most other topics. 

Reading helps kids enhance their vocabulary, become more creative, and improve their communication skills. Reading has tons of positive effects on the brain including making you more empathetic and making you smarter

Developing a love of learning early in life is incredibly important, and we hope other schools learn from Britt David Magnet Academy's positive example. 


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