What This Woman And A Cop Did Together In Louisiana Will Tug At Your Soul

The power of prayer.

Padre Pio once said that prayer is "the best weapon we have," and judging by Kim Muyaka's viral Facebook post, it seems that the Louisiana resident agrees. 

On July 5, two Baton Rouge police officers shot local Alton Sterling while he lay, seemingly pinned, on the ground. The next day, Minnesota resident Philando Castile was also fatally shot by police while reportedly complying with their orders. As news of the two men's deaths broke, Muyaka turned to her faith for answers. 

"It's time to pray for peace, not for distraction or destruction," she wrote on the social media platform.

"In order to stop the violence, you shouldn't promote it, you should be against it," she added in another post.

But her most impactful Facebook post came on July 9 when she shared a photo of her and an East Baton Rouge sheriff at a traffic stop

In the photo, Muyaka held the sheriff's hands and prayed with him.

"Violence is not the answer," she wrote on Facebook. "I pray that God will cover this police officer and use his hands not to hurt or harm but to protect the citizens!"

As of Tuesday, Muyaka's Facebook photo had received over 20,000 shares, providing wisdom and comfort to a nation sorely in need.



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