Kim Kardashian Helped Make This Turkish Teenager Famous And It Was All Completely By Accident

She still hasn't realized.

Kim K is essentially the Queen of social media.


She has 42.5 million Twitter followers, 65.3 million followers on Instagram, and another 28 million on Facebook.

Due to her massive following, if she name drops you or tags you on one of her platforms, expect the eyes of world to swing towards you.

That's exactly what happened to one teenager named @mertalas

However, this was all completely by accident.

That's because Kim Kardashian didn't mean to tag him at all, at least we think.

You see, her friend and celebrity photographer has an Instagram account of the same handle, @Mertalas

So, whenever Kim goes to tag her friend on Twitter, she keeps tagging the teen from Turkey.

However, it doesn't seem as though Mert minds at all. In fact, he is relishing in it, even responding back to Kim.

He also has an excellent sense of humor about the entire situation.

In this Tweet he wrote back to Kim, "You're going to get me in trouble with your husband," as per BuzzFeed.

But she doesn't seem to notice AT ALL. She keeps tagging him in all of her personal photos with her friend.

Due to Kim's extreme popularity, the teen is now making headlines himself for this social media faux pas.

Miley Cyrus also made the same mistake before, as well.

Mert is just killin' it right now and is absolutely loving the added attention.

His full name is Adana Mert Alas and this is probably the best case scenario for getting those followers up.

The 17-year-old told, "Before this I had 200 followers ... Thanks to Miley Cyrus I got 600. And after Kim I got 65 more."

Bask in it, Mert! Fame is fleeting.


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