Kim Kardashian's Poll About Kanye's Album Title Was Bigger Than Iowa's GOP Caucus

Makes sense.

At this point, anything Kanye West does can only be described as Kanye. Polarizing or not, the dude is at least never boring, and it's actually the case that since he's gotten married and had a couple kids, he's become even more interesting. The latest saga is his long-awaited new album, first titled So Help Me God, then SWISH, and most recently, Waves. The first switch was controversial because, well, So Help Me God is a phenomenal name and SWISH isn't. The second switch almost caused the Internet to explode, what with that whole best-Twitter-beef-of-all-time that ensued between Kanye and Wiz Khalifa.

Now, in a situation that accurately encompasses American's priorities, Kanye's one true love Kim Kardashian has stirred up the album title debate with a Twitter poll that saw more votes than this week's Iowa GOP caucus. As The Washington Post reported, a record 185,000 people turned out to vote for the GOP candidates, whereas more than 400,000 people voted in Kim's poll.

It's not clear whether this result means Kanye will go back to So Help Me God before the album debuts next week on February 11, but in other Kim-Kanye news, apparently everybody is all buddy-buddy again with respect to the Wiz feud. Even Amber Rose and Kim, which is confusing, but sure:

What a world we live in.

Cover image: Flickr

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