These Kids Were Offered A Million Dollars, But Turn It Down For Something Way More Valuable

Can't put a price on that.

You can buy a lot of things with a million dollars.


As these kids point out, you can buy a bunch of bathtubs, a shiny jewel, or just keep it all for yourself. However, sometimes, there are more valuable things than a million dollars and money in general.

Instead of being given a lump sum of cash, they are given the choice to choose something else. With that in mind, they come to the realization that hanging out with mom, or building a snowman with dad, and taking their pets for a walk are worth so much more.

It does make us stop and think that we would much rather be hanging out on a beach than spending an entire day in a mall. It is still free to go to a beach, at least in some places, right?

It's time to leave work and take a lesson from these kids. Watch below:

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