100 Kids Try To Raise One Eyebrow, And It's Just Pure Entertainment

"Am I doing it?"

Without using any words, a simple eyebrow raise can say so much. And though it's possible to train your muscle to do the raise, not everyone can do it ... yet. 

In a new video from YouTube channel HiHo Kids, 100 kids who haven't quite mastered raising their eyebrows give it a go. Needless to say, it's a little tricky, and watching their attempts is pretty entertaining. 

"Am I doing it?" one participant says, smiling and holding up her eyebrow with her finger.

Other kids can't help but laugh while giving it their all. And if they do get it, someone behind the camera asks them to try to switch brows, which is another challenge entirely. 

And hey, while the experiment may be super simple, it certainly does make for a lot of laughs, which is always a good thing.


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