These Kids Got To Try A Variety Of Snacks From South Africa — And Now We Want To, Too

"I love all of them!"

From Greece to The Philippines to Ethiopia, the children on YouTube channel HiHo Kids have had the opportunity travel the world through their taste buds. They've given their honest opinions on vegan meals, molecular gastronomy, and popular dishes served on Christmas all around the world. They don't always love what they try, but it's always enjoyable to see them explore new cuisines. 

Luckily, in the latest video, they did love the foods put in front of them. Seven American kids sat down to taste-test delicious snacks from South Africa. 


Throughout the video, they got to eat seasoned beef jerky, which is air-dried on hooks; Ouma buttermilk rusks dunked in tea; a peppermint crisp milk chocolate bar; a honey-and-almond nougat wrapped in edible rice paper; and Flings. With few exceptions, the kids enjoyed trying all of them. 

"This one is my favorite one," one girl said after tasting Flings. "I love all of them!" 

Based on their reactions, we'd love to try them for ourselves, too. 

Watch the whole video below to see their reactions to each snack:

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