Watch Kids Taste Test Filipino Foods Like Pig's Blood, Bird Embryo, And Anchovies

"I know I was born in the Philippines, but I still ain't eating this."

"I pray to God that you won't let me eat this."

That's just one choice quote from the latest installment of Cut's video series, "American Kids Try." In the past, the series has brought hilarious reactions from munchkins trying a variety of foods and beverages, including coffees from around the world, traditional Chinese food, and candies from other cultures that they just couldn't stomach. 

This time around, the children are treated to a Filipino feast. In a video, they're offered classics such as dilis, dinuguan, and balut  — and definitely judge each one harshly by its appearance. Their desire to try Filipino food only diminished more once they learned that what's on the plates in front of them are anchovies, pig's blood, and bird embryo. 

There's a whole lot of food spitting going on in this video, but it's well worth the watch just to hear their hilarious reactions. 

"If I could drive, I would just go home without Mom. Mom can eat this," one boy says. 

"I like hot dogs and chicken and teriyaki. I only like those four meats," another boy says. 

All in all, we're just proud of them for giving these unfamiliar dishes a shot. 


Watch their reactions in the video below:

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