Watch American Kids Try Chinese Foods For The First Time

Watching them try to use chopsticks may be the cutest part.

Kids tell it like it is — and we love them for it. We also love watching them taste new foods for the first time on camera in The Cut's video series, "American Kids Try." In the past, we've watched American children push away plates of frog legs, spit out candies from other cultures, and find joy in a Finnish breakfast option

Now, many of these same kids are trying out traditional Chinese foods for the very first time. Before each meal, the kids close their eyes. Once they open them, they're surprised with jellyfish salads, rice wrapped in bamboo, and Peking duck. Not exactly the fare they're used to ordering off the kids menu at their favorite American restaurants. 

The kids are good sports anyway. They try to use chopsticks with every meal — even though most of them barely know how to hold them without dropping them — and attempt to pick up the foods. Once it finally makes it to their mouths, though, there are no promises it'll get swallowed. 

Watch their hilarious reactions in the video below:

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