Kids Try British Food For The First Time, And Basically Have The Same Reactions As Us

"I could taste it every day!"

On the latest installment of Cut Video's video series "Kids Try," the group found themselves face-to-plate with black pudding, scotch eggs, and Yorkshire pudding. This time around the lucky kids were introduced to four courses of British food. 

First up on the menu was a full English breakfast, complete with a fried egg, tomatoes, sausage, bacon, beans, bread, mushrooms, and black pudding. 

"Mostly everything I like on one platter," one girl said. 

"This is a lot," another girl said. "Is it breakfast? In Seattle, it's kind of dinner." 

Next up were some Scotch eggs, which were met with mixed feelings. One boy gagged at the sight of it. Another threw it aside when he saw it. 

"I kinda like it, but not really," one girl said. "Daddy maybe would like it. It looks like something he would like."

The kids then got to enjoy some Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding and one sister caused some drama after calling her brother a "pighead." But it was their dessert — Knickerbocker Glory, a layered ice cream sundae — that was the star of the show for the kids. 

Their little faces lit up the moment they opened their eyes and saw it in front of them. 

"This is the best thing ever," one boy said. 

"I could taste it every day!" his sister replied. 

Watch all of their adorable reactions in the video below:


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