Kids Try 100 Years Of Party Snacks, And It's All Sorts Of Entertaining

Mixed reviews on the cheese fondue.

From foie gras to chips and hummus, popular party snack trends have certainly changed over the years. And who better to judge them than a bunch of hungry kids?

In a recent video from Bon Appétit, kids try 100 years of party foods, featuring everything from bacon-wrapped chicken livers and deviled eggs, to Bagel Bites and Cool Ranch Doritos. Of course, this makes for a wide array of reactions, all of which are captured on camera.

"[It's] almost like this really bad cheese that's in the corner of the room that nobody eats 'cause they all know it tastes bad," one participant says, tasting a canape with foie gras dish popular in the '20s. 

Meanwhile, the video also provides some historical context and fun facts behind the dishes, making it not only entertaining but educational, too. That said, this fun experiment is one that families can try within the home to introduce new foods into a child's diet. 

You can check it all out in full below:


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