Watch Cookie Monster Help These Kids Taste-Test 100 Years Of Cookies

"Remember the Nutter Butter incident of 1960?"

We all know what a passion Sesame Street's Cookie Monster has for his favorite baked good. This week, instead of just gobbling them up, he put his love for cookies to good use by teaching a couple of kids about the food's history — while taste-testing various samples, of course.

Cookie Monster is a special guest in a new video for Bon Appétit magazine chronicling "100 Years of Cookies." We've previously seen kids try 100 years of candy, sandwiches, and even health food, but never with such an expert to guide them. Armed with two mugs of milk for dipping, Cookie Monster takes the kids on a delicious journey through popular cookies from the 1910s to present day — including chocolate chip cookies, fortune cookies, and macarons.

Cookies are a safe bet for young palates, so it's no surprise that the kids appreciate pretty much every decade's offering. But the video still manages to take them out of their comfort zone. For example, both kids say they don't like peanut butter and therefore don't expect to enjoy Nutter Butters. They're quickly proven wrong once they take a bite.

The experience also inspires some interesting conversations.

"It's the brother of a s'more," one of them says of the Mallomar.

"Exactly. Wow, that's profound," Cookie Monster marvels.


Catch every last crumb in the video below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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