13 Kids Who Didn't Think Their New Toys Were As Fun As Their Parents Hoped

Sorry about the emotional devastation, kid.

Kids love surprises, except when they really really don't. There's no guilty pleasure quite like watching kids react to surprises with sheer terror. Here are some moment when kids learned a hard lesson about how this cruel world doesn't give warnings, even if you're still in a high chair.

Welcome to real life kids. Sorry.


1. Terror in a box.

2. Did the ominous music not tip him off?

3. But that monkey thing just wants to be your friend!

4. Talking Tina?

5. Some babies have excellent escape reflexes.

6. Others not so much.

7. The original face was actually scarier.

8. Unwrapping gifts is a lot of work. Let us help you there.

9. Delayed, but appropriate, reaction.

10. Trust no blob.

11. Some people just don't learn the jack-in-the-box lesson.

12. If you don't have a widely beloved toy to introduce your children to the art of fear, there's always pineapples.

13. Cruel, menacing pineapples.


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