Kids Tell Jimmy Kimmel The Story Of Easter, With More Bunnies Than We Remember

Jesus had a computer?

We know kids love the more fun traditions that come with Easter, from baskets of candy to egg-dyeing — and they're a hit with plenty of grown-ups, too. But how much do children know about the original meaning behind the holiday? 

Jimmy Kimmel wondered exactly that, so, of course, he sent one of his correspondents onto the street, just like he did at Christmas, this time to ask kids to tell the story of Easter. Adorableness obviously ensued.

Some kids take the more traditional route ("Jesus rose from the dead?" says one, as if it should be obvious), while others add a few unconventional details we don't quite remember ever hearing about.

"What happened with Jesus on Easter?" the correspondent asks one boy.

He thinks for a moment, before concluding, "He made a bunny."

Other kids have some interesting ideas for what Jesus did when he came back. "He gave people Easter eggs," suggests one. For another, the obvious response would be to dance. Wouldn't you?

And what did Jesus do while he was away? He was working on a project. What kind of project, you ask? According to one kid, a computer. We definitely don't remember that part from the movies.


Hear more great responses in the video below:

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