They May Only Be In The Third Grade, But These Kids Know Way More About Love Than We Do

"Everyone knows they like each other, except for them."

Social life is tough.


You wonder if a person likes you back, if should you talk to them and, of course, have to build up the guts to ask them out.

These smart third graders seem to have it all figured out.

Honestly, we could use their advice when it comes dating and talking to each other.

"Boys are very shy ..."

According to this girl, many of the boys in her grade are "very shy," while many of the girls are "very talkative."

This can certainly cause problems when it comes to communicating, which looks a little something like this.

So, take some notes, guys, and try actually responding.

Then there is the problem of secret crushes.

Apparently every guy has a crush on a girl, but they aren't exactly great at letting the girls know.

In one case, everybody knew one boy and one girl who had crushes on each other. 

Somehow, they didn't quite know they both liked each other.


However, when her friends finally convinced the girl to go talk to him, he turned her down.

"What?!?" indeed.

The agonies of life are so brutal. Tell your friend to keep her head up, we've been there.

This kid says there is one easy way to get girls to like you.

All you have to is be nice and respectful.

Smart words we can all live by.

Watch the hilarious video below:


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