Kid Finds Out Mom Is Pregnant With Twins And Is Not OK With It ... But We Can't Stop Laughing

"Great! More twins that I can't tell apart!"


When a father showed his three sons a picture of their mother's ultrasound, at first they weren't exactly sure what to make of it. Upon first glance, it looked like a ghost, but after being explained that the image is actually of their unborn siblings (notice the plural), the kids lost it in their own little ways. 

They had no idea their mom was pregnant to begin with, let alone with twins! One brother refused to believe dad was telling the truth, another seemed pretty fine with the whole situation, but the kid in the backseat was having none of it. "Great! More twins that I can't tell apart!" he yells through his tears. 

Though we totally get the feeling of not being immediately onboard with having to share stuff with two more punks, we can't help but laugh. We hope they'll all be super-close pals in the future. 


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