Did You Catch These Movie Mistakes In Your Favorite Kids' Classic?

We definitely never thought of the "Toy Story" plot hole before.

We hope it doesn't take away from the magic that is a classic kids' movie, but even animated films have mistakes. Here to break 20 of them down for us is a video from entertainment news site Screen Rant. 

"You might think that taking actual people out of a movie means taking the mistakes and human error out with them," the video narrator says. "But anyone paying close attention to modern animated films knows that even the smallest mistakes are hilarious, considering someone made them one frame at a time." 

The mistakes are pretty minor overall, but they're definitely there. From Gatson mouthing the wrong words in Beauty and the Beast to Elsa's braid magically traveling through her shoulder during her famous "Let It Go" scene in Frozen, it's safe to say no movie is free from error. 

Did you catch any of these mistakes before? 

If anything, this just makes us want to re-watch all of these films!


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