These Kids’ Drawings Could Be The Key To Helping People Quit Smoking

Why you stop and who you stop for is so important.


Last year, a law passed in the U.K. that stripped cigarette packaging of branding elements, such as colors and specialized fonts. In an effort to curb users from continuing the habit, the cartons now feature "plain" labeling, including being adorned in "the world's ugliest color" and, perhaps their most notable attribute, showcase the results of long-term smoking. Think nicotine-diseased hands, blackened lungs, and images of throat cancer.

But Public Health England, and ITV host and presenter Dr. Ranj Singh, may have pleasing images that could be just as — or more — effective. They asked kids to design new cigarette cartons, and they play into the report from the PHE that says health and family are the biggest contributors to getting people to stop smoking.

Check out some of their designs in the video above, as well as learn more about the effort to stop people from smoking.

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