Kids Explain How Babies Are Made In Jimmy Kimmel Video

"I'm not in fifth grade yet. I shouldn't know this stuff."

"Instead of adults teaching kids about sex, I think it would be less embarrassing if kids learned it from other kids," Jimmy Kimmel said while hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!

With that in mind, the show took to the streets to ask kids if they knew how babies were made, which, naturally, stirred up some hilarious responses for the world to enjoy.

While some kids innocently laughed and smiled at the interviewer, others were completely thrown off by the question and, quite frankly, grossed out.

"I'm not in fifth grade yet. I shouldn't know this stuff," one boy responds. 

But perhaps the best response came from a little girl in a stroller, whose response was simply to sing the ABCs. 

Touché, kids, touché.


You won't want to miss the full video below:


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