Watch Kids Do Their Very Best Donald Trump Impressions

Whether you plan to vote for or against him, you'll find these hilarious.

Jimmy Fallon asked his fans to send in videos of their children acting out their best Donald Trump impressions. The kids did not disappoint.  

"We have so many submissions," Fallon laughs. "They were all great." 

Boys and girls alike totally nailed both his voice and his mannerisms. One boy even dressed up as the GOP candidate, hair and all. "I'm doing so good. I'm going to win and once I win, we will win so much  that everyone will be sick of winning," he says, using both hands to make gestures the entire time. 

Another boy sat at a table with dollar bills, and red, white, and blue stars. He introduced his younger sister as "his beautiful wife, Melania," who proceeded to blow a kiss his way while maintaining her other hand on her hip. So precious.  

Watch all of their adorably well-done impressions below:

Let's not forget that Fallon does a pretty good Trump impression himself:


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