These Kids Designed Tattoos For Their Parents — And They Actually Got Them

"You want to put that on daddy's body? For real?"

Young kids aren't exactly known for being excellent artists, so we certainly wouldn't sign up to have them design a tattoo for us. But these parents felt a little differently. 

In a video on Cut, three kids sat down with one of their parents as they drew out a picture of what they'd like their parent's next tattoo to look like. Regardless of what they decided to draw, the parents agreed to actually have the design permanently tattooed to their body afterward. 


"Whatever you draw today and I get tattooed on me will be forever and ever and ever and ever," one mom said to her son. "If this looks really, really bad and I have to get it on me then when you're 18, you have to get a tattoo that I draw." 

"You're a good drawer, though," he said. 

While the parents were sitting right next to the kids, they didn't get much say in what the tattoos looked like. One father didn't want any color tattoos, but his son still filled part of his design in with red and yellow crayon. 

Watch them get their child's design permanently tattooed in the video below. 

While it might seem scary to most to leave the fate of your skin in the hands of your little one, these parents now have a little piece of their child's creativity with them at all times. Even if the design itself isn't something they would've selected otherwise, it's got a whole lot of meaning.

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