Kids Describe 'The Future' To An Illustrator And Things Get Weird

"I turned into a cat."

The future can be stressful when it is uncertain.  Oftentimes we can't picture it, describe it, or understand it. But perhaps that's the most beautiful thing about it.

In a recent video for Cut, kids are asked to describe "the future" to an illustrator, who will then draw their descriptions. And fortunately, the imaginations of children never disappoint. In their worlds, the future is filled with spaceships and aliens, not money and career stresses. According to one young girl, people speak "alien talk," in the future, and another girl predicts cars decorated in candy. 

When asked what he will be wearing in the future, one kid says he's dressed in a spacesuit. "I look like a cat," he adds. "A cat face. I turned into a cat."

No matter what you think the future will look like, it's clear that this exercise is great for creativity — and a few laughs.

Check it out in full below:

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