Kids Describe What They Think Love Looks Like To An Illustrator Who Draws Exactly What They Say

"Love is a lollipop with a scorpion inside it."

If you had to describe what "love" looks like, what would you say? Hugs? Burgers and fries? Bubbles? Well, that's how these kids see it. 

In a new installment for Cut Video's series Kids Describe, a few boys and girls sat down with illustrator Koji Minami and were asked to describe love to him. Minami then drew what each child described to create an adorable poster made up of the things they see as love. He asks them about what it looks like, what it sounds like, and what it feels like

"This is going to be hard," one boy, who makes the most incredible facial expressions throughout the video, said. 

One precious little girl describes love as her friends. "The one I really love has curly and short hair," she said. 

"What do you think love sounds like?" Minami asked one boy. 

"Ahhhhhhh! Because I'm scared of it," he replied, before covering his eyes. 

"If love were a food, Ernie, what do you think it would be?" Minami asked another boy.

"A lollipop with a scorpion inside it." 

See how the illustrations turned out in the end by checking out the video below. 


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