These 11 Photos Of Kids With Cancer Living Their Dreams Are Beyond Awe-Inspring

Dreams become reality.

Most kids dream of growing up and doing fantastic things. For kids with cancer, the dream is often just to survive. 

Photographer Jonathan Diaz is bringing hope and a little imagination to these kids through his Anything Can Be photo series, which depicts children with cancer living their wildest dreams.

"We all want to believe in miracles, that the impossible is possible, that we can overcome adversity," Diaz told Huffington Post. "I felt that if I could show these kids that anything was possible through photography then they would believe that anything was possible in real life through hard work."

The creative photos show children with cancer fulfilling their ultimate dreams and fantasies. They are also featured in new book called True Heroes, which Diaz hopes will create awareness for childhood cancer.

Here are 11 photos from the Anything Can Be series that are like a fairytale as kids live their dreams:


1. A princess warrior on a horse.

2. A football player.

3. Batman, who is also a doctor.

4. A pirate.

5. A motorbike rider.

6. A dragon rider.

7. A bull rider.

8. A basketball player.

9. A mermaid.

10. Alice in Wonderland.

11. A wizard.


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