Kids And Seniors Try To Answer Our Most Commonly Googled Questions

"Who is Donald Trump?"

Whether you're looking up the latest news story, searching for a recipe for tonight's dinner, or trying to find out directions to your friend's house, how many times a day do you ask Google for some help? 

In a recent video for Jubilee, kids and seniors meet at a table to answer the most googled "WHO" questions, such as "Who is Donald Trump?" "Who is Harambe?" and "Who should I marry?"

"I really don't want to answer that," Trey, 8, responds to the question about marriage. "I'm only 8 years old, that's gonna be in like, 28 years." 

"I think that you should find someone that makes you laugh, and who is kind, and understanding, and smart," Pat, 81, tells Sydney, 8. 

We love that the video opens up a dialogue between generations, and hopefully, everyone walked away learning something new. 

"Our hope is that in a very disconnected world, we can connect different generations in a fun and entertaining way," Jubilee captions on the video.

You can check it all out in full below:



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