7-Year-Old Writes Fake Letter 'From His School' To Convince Parents To Let Him Play Video Games

Hey, it was worth a shot.

When 7-year-old Nathan realized he didn't get to play video games as much as he'd like, he took matters into his own hands. 

He sat down and penned a very serious handwritten note from "his school" to his parents, convincing them to help him get his grade up in "video game class" by allowing him to stay up all night and play. 

"Nathan has been doing good in all his classes exept [sic] for VIDEO GAME CLASS! If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!!!" the note said. "Start letting him stay up all night & start tonight! He can play anything, computer, Wii, iPod, phone, & any other elecktronick [sic]." 

He then passed "the school's" note to his mom, Lori, who posted it on Reddit for us all to get a kick out of. 


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"I held it up and asked 'what's this about' and he couldn't hide his devious smirk!" his mom told Mashable. "I emailed his teacher the picture of the note, and he had shown it to her as well."

Nathan owned up to writing the note, but his parents were sympathetic to his efforts. They rewarded him with an extra 30 minutes of video game time that night. 


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