Man Risks His Life To Save Kid Swept Away By Flood In Harrowing Footage


In footage posted by LikeLeak, we see a dramatic scene unfold as flood water surges though Yemen. Onlookers filming the event, see, what appears to be a child in the distance.  

According to LikeLeak, it is common for the streets to fill with water after it rains in Yemen, and the little kid attempting to cross the street misjudged the force of the water. He's quickly swept away by the swift-moving current. 

The moment is had to watch. 

Fortunately, a person immediately rushes to the child's aid, scooping them up and hoisting them over the barrier before pushing themselves out as well. 

This is a true example of everyday heroism, and should serve as a reminder that good Samaritans really do exist. 

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