This Kid Has A Foolproof Secret To Winning That Taco Bell Coin-Drop Game

Thank him for the free taco later.

At some point in your life, there's no question you've dropped a coin into one of those plastic turnstile games at Taco Bell. It's something to do with your change other than have it disappear into your pockets, and at the very least it goes to a good cause. At the very most, you get a free soft-shell or hard-shell taco.

Unfortunately, this contraption is much like every carnival game: seemingly easy, but ultimately disappointing. It's exactly the type of game that would be nice to win, but only someone with nothing better to do would ever spend enough time to figure out a foolproof way to do so. Enter a frustrated teenager hell-bent on getting a free taco.

As surfaced by The Daily Dot, a video posted to YouTube in 2008 features a kid doing a walkthrough of his technique, which leads directly to his coveted prize. Presumably he's been cleaning out Taco Bells across the country ever since.


Watch and learn for yourself:

Cover image: Jawa044 via YouTube

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