Kid Shatters Glass With Just His Voice, And Now You Can Too. Here's How.

Yes, it's possible.

Let's put the question to rest: Yes, it is possible to shatter glass with just the sound of your voice. 

Mythbusters proved this back in 2005, and many have tested their own vocal cords against the strength of a cup since. And, if you do it right, you too can break glass with your own, natural voice, no amplification or added equipment necessary. 

Here's what you need to do:  


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According to a vocal coach featured in an Uproxx video, a person needs "extreme volume" and the right frequency to make the magic happen — around 100 decibels, to be exact. 

Still, it usually takes some training to to reach just the right pitch and volume. But, one little kid named Chase decided to try in a video posted to YouTube in 2009... 

Wait for it... Wait for it... (Ignore the ridiculously loud bird in the background.)

His reaction at the end is sooo great. "Mom! Look I broke it! I broke a glass!" he yells. 

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To learn how to accomplish the feat yourself, here's a video with instruction... 

In slow motion...

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